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Module 1 - Getting Started with Lab's

Lab 1.1- Router Components & Accessories

Lab 1.2- Console Access of Cisco Device (R&S)

Lab 1.3- IOS of Devices (R&S)

Lab 1.4- Graphical Network Simulation (GNS)

Lab 1.5- Basic GNS

Module 2 - Basic Management of Devices Lab's

Lab 2.1 – Cisco 2500 Series Router Password Reset

Lab 2.2 – Cisco 2600 Series Router Password Reset

Lab 2.3 – Fixed Configuration Catalyst Switch Password Reset

Lab 2.4 – Cisco Device Initial Configuration Dialog

Lab 2.5 – Navigating the Cisco Command Line Interface

Lab 2.6 – Configuring an IP address on an Interface

Lab 2.7 – Configuring Interface Specific Configurations

Lab 2.8 – Configuring a Loopback Interface

Lab 2.9 – Upgrading the Cisco Internetwork Operating System

Lab 2.10 – Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a 2500 Series Router

Lab 2.11 – Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a 2600 Series Router

Lab 2.12 – Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a Catalyst Switch

Lab 2.13 – Configuring the Login, EXEC & MOTD Banner(s)

Lab 2.14 – Reset Cisco IOS Configuration Specific Defaults

Module 3 - Basic Security of Devices Lab's

Lab 3.1 – Configuring Basic Password Authentication

Lab 3.2 – Configuring Local User Database Authentication

Lab 3.3 – Configuring AAA Authentication Lists

Lab 3.5 – Configuring Secure Shell Virtual Terminal Access (SSH)

Lab 3.6 – Configuring Numbered Access Control Lists

Lab 3.7 – Configuring Named Access Control Lists

Lab 3.8 – Configuring the VTY Lines Access Control List

Module 4 - Catalyst Series (Switches) Lab's

Lab 4.1 – Configuring Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP)

Lab 4.2 – Creating Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs)

Lab 4.3 – Configuring a Management VLAN Interface

Lab 4.4 – Configuring Trunk Ports using ISL or 802.1q

Lab 4.5 – Configuring An EtherChannel Link

Lab 4.6 – Configuring EtherChannel Utilizing PAgP

Lab 4.7 – Configuring EtherChannel Utilizing LACP

Lab 4.8 – Configuring a Port Channel Interface

Lab 4.9 – Configuring a Static ARP Entry

Lab 4.10 – Configuring VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP)

Lab 4.11 – Configuring VTP Transparent Mode and VTP Pruning

Lab 4.12 – Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing (Router-on-a-Stick)

Lab 4.13 – Configuring Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol

Lab 4.14 – Configuring Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol

Lab 4.15 – Configuring Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP)

Lab 4.16 – Configuring Switchport Spanning Tree Portfast

Lab 4.17 – Configuring Switchport Spanning Tree BPDU Guard

Lab 4.18 – Configuring STP Interface Specific Attributes

Lab 4.19 – Configuring Dynamic Switchport Security

Lab 4.20 – Configuring Sticky Switchport Security

Lab 4.21 – Configuring a Switched Port Analyzer Session

Module 5 - WAN Configuration Lab's

Lab 5.1 – Configuring Point-to-Point T1 Links using PPP or HDLC

Lab 5.2 – Configuring Point-to-Point Frame Relay Links

Lab 5.3 – Configuring Point-to-Point Frame Relay Sub-Interfaces

Lab 5.4 – Configuring a Point-to-Multipoint Frame Relay WAN

Lab 5.5 – Configuring and Understanding Frame Relay Inverse ARP

Module 6 - Static Routing Lab's

Lab 6.1 – Configuring Static Routing

Lab 6.2 – Configuring a Floating Static Route

Module 7 - Configuration of RIP Lab's

Lab 7.1 – Configuring Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Lab 7.2 – Configuring RIP Versions 1 and 2

Lab 7.3 – Configuring RIP Timers

Lab 7.4 – Configuring RIP Triggered Updates

Lab 7.5 – Configuring RIP Interface Options

Lab 7.6 – Configuring RIP Static Neighbors

Lab 7.7 – Configuring RIP Default Information Originate

Lab 7.8 – Configuring RIP Route Summarization

Lab 7.9 – Configuring RIP Route Metric Offset-Lists

Module 8 - Configuration of EIGRP Lab's

Lab 8.1 – Configuring Basic EIGRP

Lab 8.2 – Configuring EIGRP Static Neighbors

Lab 8.3 – Configuring EIGRP Split-Horizon

Lab 8.4 – Configuring EIGRP Stub Area Networks

Lab 8.5 – Configuring EIGRP Timers

Lab 8.6 – Configuring EIGRP Maximum Paths

Lab 8.7 – Configuring EIGRP Passive Interface

Lab 8.8 – Configuring EIGRP Route Summarization

Lab 8.9 – Configuring EIGRP Default Route Propagation

Module 9 - Configuration of OSPF Lab's

Lab 9.1 – Configuring Basic OSPF

Lab 9.2 – Configuring OSPF Priority

Lab 9.3 – Configuring OSPF Network Types

Lab 9.4 – Configuring OSPF Static Neighbors

Lab 9.5 – Configuring Multi-Area OSPF

Lab 9.6 – Configuring The OSPF Router-ID

Module 10 - Redistribuiton Routing Lab's

Lab 10.1 – Configuring Static Route Redistribution

Lab 10.2 – Configuring Mutual OSPF and RIP Redistribution

Lab 10.3 – Configuring Mutual OSPF and EIGRP Redistribution

Lab 10.4 – Configuring Mutual EIGRP and RIP Redistribution

Module 11 - IP Services Lab's

Lab 11.1 – Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) One-to-One

Lab 11.2 – Configuring a Network Address Translation (NAT) Pool

Lab 11.3 – Configuring Port Address Translation (PAT) Many-to-One

Lab 11.4 – Configuring the Cisco IOS DHCP Server

Lab 11.5 – Configuring an IOS DHCP Server IP Exclusion Range

Lab 11.6 – Configuring an IP DHCP Helper Address

Lab 11.7 – Configuring the Cisco IOS NTP Client

Lab 11.8 – Configuring the Cisco IOS NTP Server

Lab 11.9 – Configuring Cisco IOS DNS Name Servers

Module 12 - IPv6 Lab's

Lab 12-1 – The Basics of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

Lab 12-2 – Configuring IPv6 Interface Addressing

Lab 12-3 – Configuring IPv6 Static Routing

Lab 12-4 – Configuring Basic IPv6 RIPng

Lab 12-5 – Configuring Basic IPv6 OSPFv3

Lab 12-6 – Configuring IPv6 Access List

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